Welcome Faculty,

 Thank you for all you do to work with all Mercer students.  If the Access Office staff can be of assistance please contact us. 

Beginning Fall 2018

ONLINE SERVICES through "Accommodate" you will login through Canvas

1. Faculty forms will be sent electronically and signed by faculty - students are still encouraged to have  a meeting with faculty to discuss the arrangements of accommodations. 

2. Test Reservations for the Access Office - will be requested by students online and faculty will receive a notice

3. Tests Administered by Access - will be uploaded in Accommodate


Access and Accommodations Office

New Syllabus Statement Fall 2018

All Faculty must Include a "Disability Statement" on their syllabi.  

Statement:  "Students in need of accommodation due to a disability should contact the Access and Accommodation Office to complete the verification process to become approved for services.   In order to receive accommodations, each term, students will request accommodation and faculty notification forms through the Access Office online system Accommodate. Students are strongly encouraged to schedule a meeting with each professor in a timely manner to discuss arrangements. Accommodations are not retroactive in nature. Note - Disability accommodations or status are not reflected on academic transcripts.  Students with a history of a disability, perceived as having a disability or with a current disability who do not wish to use academic accommodations are also strongly encouraged to complete the verification process with the Access Office.


Students must request accommodations in a timely manner to receive accommodations in a timely manner.  "