Emotional Support Animal Information

Animal Policy can be found at Policies at Mercer University.

Emotional Support Animal Accommodation Request


Service animals are dogs or miniature pony’s that have been trained to perform a task or service for an individual with a disability.

Emotional Support Animals (ESA) are animals that provide emotional support.  There are no recognized certifications for training therefore, it is not needed.

Students requesting an ESA must provided documentation from a qualified mental healthcare professional (Therapist, Counselors, Psychologist, or Psychiatrist).   The student must have an established professional relationship with the qualified professional.  Professionals providing the documentation must provided detailed information about the students disability and the impact.  To assist in this information professionals are asked to answer all questions from the ESA guidance for clinicians.  Documentation is not accepted from family members or friend of the family.

To Apply for Accommodations

Things to Think About:

  • Do you have time for an animal or will it be in a crate all the time?
  • Where will the animal go when you leave for a weekend  trip with friends?
  • Can you maintain the daily responsibilities of having an animal (feeding, cleaning after, walking and playing with)?
  • Are you involved in campus activities (clubs, sports, etc…) that will keep you way from your animal for long periods of time?
  • Will the animal have a good quality of life?